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The Board of Directors meets three times a year in March, June and October.

Pre-qualification phase: Charities must email a Letter of Interest (LOI) and be invited to submit a grant application before doing so. Include a brief description of the organization, Charitable Registration Number, what you wish to apply for and its cost. If the LOI meets the Foundation’s guidelines, we will invite an application for one of the Board meetings. We ask organizations to wait two years from receiving a grant before applying again.

2024 Grant Submission deadlines

  • January 26th for the March 14th board meeting
  • May 10th for the June 20th board meeting
  • September 13th for the October 24th board meeting

Application phase: Email an electronic copy of the application in PDF format by the grant deadline. The application must include:

  1. A contact sheet: full legal name of organization; mailing address, telephone; Charitable Registration Number; name and title of grant writer, phone number, email and Board of Directors list.
  2. Cover letter addressed to the Board of Directors from the CEO.
  3. Project proposal – include a picture and brief description of the equipment you’re applying for.
  4. Two letters addressed to the Board of Directors to support the need for funding. These can be from the head of the facility, department head or medical director where the equipment will be used.
  5. Summary of Project Budget Worksheet, downloadable here.
  6. If funds requested represent a contribution, include the total equipment cost and time frame balance of funds will be raised in.
  7. If funds requested are for new equipment and/or for new or renovated space, confirm that operating funds are available and when space will be completed.
  8. Financial statements.
  9. Vendor quote/s – email these quotes separately from the PDF application.
The Board’s decisions are final and reasons will not be given for declining a grant application.