Photo of P.A. Woodward ca.1960

P.A. Woodward ca.1960

The Board of Directors meets three times a year in March, June and October.

Pre-qualification phase: Charities must email a Letter of Intent (LOI) and be invited to submit a full grant application before doing so. Please include: a brief description of the organization; Charitable Registration Number; what you wish to apply for and its cost. LOIs can be emailed any time during the year. If the project meets the Foundation’s guidelines, we will invite you to submit an application for one of the Board meetings.

2021 Grant Submission deadlines:

  • January 20th for the March 31st board meeting
  • May 5th for the June 28th board meeting
  • September 13th for the October 27th board meeting

Application phase: initially, please email an electronic copy in pdf format by the grant deadline date. Once we have reviewed the application, we will then request the number of hard copies required. The application must include:

  1. A contact sheet with: Name of organization, Charitable Registration number, name and title of grant writer, address, telephone, email and Board of Directors list.
  2. Cover letter addressed to the Board of Directors from the CEO
  3. Project proposal – include a picture and brief description of the equipment you’re applying for
  4. Two letters addressed to the Board of Directors to support funding request – these can be from head of the hospital or health region, department head/medical director where the equipment will be used.
  5. Summary of Project Budget, and only if the project has more than one item, the Detailed Budget Breakdown worksheet. Ensure figures are consistent in all application documents.
  6. Audited Financial Statements
  7. Vendor quotes *
  8. If funds requested represent a contribution, include total project budget and timeframe balance of funds will be raised.
  9. If funds requested are for new equipment and/or for new or renovated space, confirm:   a) operating funds are available, and b) when space will be completed.

* Note: please send the vendor quotes in a separate electronic file and not in the main proposal pdf file

The following forms are available to aid you in the application process:

Detailed Budget Breakdown Worksheet
Project Budget Summary Worksheet
If you have any questions, please call or email Jackie Lee-Son.

Tel. 604-682-8116